English to German technical translation

Technical texts often have a high degree of industry-specific terminology that is difficult to understand for an outsider. It is therefore important that technical writers not only use the correct terms, but that they also convey information in clear and concise language that is easy to understand.

As an experienced technical translator, I will provide you with accurate and readable translations of your manuals, user guides and other technical documentation, while paying special attention to consistent terminology and technical writing conventions.

For highly repetitive technical texts, I use translation memory software, which not only helps to preserve units, numbers, layout and output format, but can also save you money—because repetitions in the original text are charged at a reduced word price.

  • Recent translation projects
  • Types of documents
  • Fields and industries
Some of my recent translation projects include:

Translation of a device manual
Words: 28,000
Category: AS-i controllers
Source: German
Target: English

Translation of a maintenance manual
Words: 5,000
Category: offshore wind turbines
Source: English
Target: German

Translation of a getting started guide
Words: 8,000
Category: groupware applications
Source: German
Target: English

Translation of a product catalogue
Words: 13,500
Category: automation technology
Source: German
Target: French

Examples of the types of technical translations I provide are:

  • Data sheets
  • Operating instructions
  • Installation instructions
  • Technical drawings
  • Technical specifications
  • Product descriptions
  • User guides
  • Device manuals
  • Online help files
  • IT documentation
  • Getting started guides
  • Hardware and software specifications
  • Parts lists
  • Risk assessments
  • CE declarations of conformity
  • FMEAs
  • Standards
  • Test reports
  • Application reports
  • Training documents
  • Animations
  • Product videos
  • Offers
I translate technical documents in the fields of:

  • Industrial automation
  • Sensor technology
  • Object recognition
  • Diagnostic systems
  • Networking and control systems
  • AS-Interface
  • Bus systems
  • Engineering
  • Construction machinery
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Lifting and conveying equipment
  • Machine tools
  • PCB technology
  • Injection moulding technology
  • Safety at work
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Energy
  • Food and beverages
  • etc.

Please get in touch to discuss your translation project. I will be delighted to hear from you.

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Do not hesitate to contact me even if what you require is not listed here. I will be happy to consider your request, and if I cannot provide a translation myself, I may be able to introduce you to a suitable translator.

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